Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday Aftermath

Sitting here on a Saturday night after Black Friday all I can say is I think I may be almost rested up enough from not only about 2 weeks straight of working, but the madness that is the after Thanksgiving shopping experience.
Toys R Us at midnight was quite the experience and one that I'm more than certain I'll be repeating for easily the next 10-12 years. However, here's hoping that my experiences for the next decade aren't filled with stores opening an hour late as a result of a brawl taking place outside the front door. Word of advice to anyone looking to get to any store with only about 10 minutes to opening...DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CUT IN LINE OF THE GUYS AT THE FRONT OF THE LINE. You'd think this was commone sense, but well sometimes it ain't so common huh? Oh yeah and also don't punch a kid in the mouth once you've cleared the line and are about ready to pay. Granted, it's just wrong for adults to punch kids, but even more wrong to do so and hold up the line of other people who are so close to the checkout line they can almost hear the ding of the registers.
Today was a bit calmer I must say, and I even went back to Toys R Us. No, I'm not a masochist I had to exchange something and pick up a few more things in the process. Even Target and Babies R Us were pretty mild compared to the craziness of the previous day. Although unlike yesterday there was no really nice guy at the Target register giving me $20 off instead of $10, but hey Black Friday good karma only goes so far I suppose.
So to all you fellow shoppers out there, hope you had as fruitful a shopping day(s) as I did. And to those of you who didn't venture out from fear of sheer insanity, your day is coming. After all, I'm sure you're the people who wait until Dec 24 to shop. Now THAT'S insanity.

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