Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Veggies, Oh How I Hate You

As day 2 winds to a close I can honestly say that I absolutely detest vegetables. Aside from the jumbo soup, all I could eat today was vegetables. Let me repeat that, breakfast lunch and dinner all I could eat were vegetables. Not exactly the best way to start a day, especially since my body has decided to start making all sorts of odd gas shifting noises.

But oh the potato.

See Day 2 allows me one baked potato with butter. And I have just eaten it and I must say I have never loved starch anywhere near as much as I did tonight. Unlike before I literally savored each and every bite as I chewed it enough times to actually feel full.

As day 3 rears its head I've had to make some more of the soup. Granted I'm cheating a bit by adding more of, oh, every vegetable but cabbage. Yet it now actually tastes good again as opposed to over processed dishwater.

Eh, at least day 3 lets me add fruit into the mix again. Will Friday and its beef allowance ever get here?


  1. Keep at it!!! Today will probably be hard but Friday is just around the corner!!!! I just dont know why you chose a cabbage detox. There are a ton of detox diets that may suit you better than cabbage. But oh well, Ia m sure you have lost weight already!!! Two more days, you can do it! I need to be supportive, in a couple of weeks when i start with the personal trainer I am sure i am going to cry at the gym!

  2. Oh no, does that mean you can't eat at the baby shower.