Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rhianna, Revealing Victim or Calculated Saleswoman?

So last night was the Rhianna interview with Diane Sawyer in which she divulged all her innermost feelings about her beating and how it made her feel. Now I didn't watch the interview, honestly I forgot it was even on, but I have read up on her "revealing" interviews and have only one thing to say.

Rhianna is one of the most calculated people on the planet and frankly I have now asserted why I don't like her.

In no way am I condoning domestic violence. I fully understand that it's not something of which to make light and that there are some cases where the victim doesn't get the opportunity to come back, get another horrific haircut and still be honored as a Cosmo woman of the year. However, for this pop star to say she realizes how she is an influence and can do good to bring attention to this while she has 2 new singles to promote and an album less than a month away, is insulting to anyone who's ever been in a similar situation.

Celebrities using their personal struggles as fodder for the front page is nothing new, but what makes me sick is how we all fall over backward trying to place her on a pedestal for doing this. She had almost a year to go out and do public service announcements, visit shelters, set up charitable events and yet what did she do? Record an album. I know that art can be healing, but if you think that Rhianna is actually an artist and not a Caribbean Barbie doll that everyone is obsessed with for whatever reason, you're clearly deluded.

Before my feelings toward this woman where that she had a few catchy songs that she couldn't really sing because she had no voice or apparent dance moves, but ok who am I to begrudge anyone success? But to use your own vicious experience as a press release in which to drop the name of your upcoming projects? Sorry, even a blank android being propped up for profit can recognize that's just plain wrong. Disturbia indeed.

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  1. ugh... i am so over the whole chris brown/ rihanna thing. ok i'm a chick and i'm gonna say it (let whoever wants to be pissed get pissed). she prob did something to deserve a good wack to the head. lords knows i feel like smacking her every so often as well.