Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bye Bye Brittany

Wow, who would have thought that a year ago when I was living in constant fear of waking up to the news of a Brtiney passing away it would be Murphy and not Spears.

To say I'm saddened by this news is putting it mildly. Anyone who knows me knows that I really liked this perky little actress. From her adorable face to the way she could just throw herself into any comedic scene with the abandon remniscent of Lucille Ball, this was a girl who just always caught and kept my attention on screen. It's not every cute girl who can make you believe that she is just that big a clown.

Having enjoyed her from her days on "Almost Home" to "Sister, Sister" and even "Boy Meets World" I was really happy to see her gain wide-spread attention. Even if it did come in a rather lengthy spurt after her turn as the lovable Tai in "Clueless." Just watch her in things like "Little Black Book" and "Uptown Girls," not the greatest movies at all but she brought such an energy and warmth to the characters that you just kinda smiled and went along for the ride. Not an easy feat considering either one could very easily fall into unlikeable territory based on their actions.

Then there's her singing voice. One of my all-time favorite songs is Queen's "Somebody to Love" to the point that I have several versions of said song. Among them is Brittany's cover from "Happy Feet," and it still remains one of my Top 3 favorite versions of the song. And just try to put on "Faster Kill Faster Pussycat" without moving your body to some degree of rythym. It's damn near impossible.

Was Brittany Murphy ever going to win any awards? Most likely not, but she was definitely in my underappreciated actor list where I put actors who always make me smile because they always bring their A game even if they never reach mainstream uber-fame. Sadly, we'll never get to see if she would make it off that list. Rest in peace Brittany, to paraphrase Clueless, I hope you're rollin' with the homies in heaven.


  1. you know i must admit i am not the biggest brittany murphy fan but i do have to agree that she was a bright, energetic artist who will be missed dearly. and i had no idea she had a club hit...which is really good by the way. have you seen this one though...

  2. Ev...thanks for the early Christmas gift! I LOVE that song by Bjork and have yet another special place for it in my heart again!