Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween, a Hat and a Bathroom

As you know this past Saturday was Halloween and I had a rather odd experience while at my friend Melissa's house for her Halloween party. Upon arriving I noticed an odd witch hat perched atop a skull on the buffet table. I say odd cuz most witches aren't into day-glo motifs.

I didn't think much of it until I also saw it perched atop the toilet in the guest bathroom. Now usually seeing a hat on a toilet isn't the worst thing I've seen going on in a bathroom in my 30 years on this earth. Having to pee around said hat wasn't anywhere near as simple as you'd think, I mean it's felt for frak's sake, can't just be wiped off with a moist towelette.

Don't know why, maybe I'd drank too much or maybe it was the calling of the neo-fluroescent green but I decided to pick the hat up and see what would happen when placed atop the guests at the party! Suddenly the atheletes look dazed and only Sookie Stackhouse appeared unfazed. Although the way everyone keeps saying she's not quite human, well it's not exactly a surprise.

Kitties were affected all around! Although they appeared to like it, which kinda fits in with their whole not needing people motif. That and they most likely were happy to bat around the soft material between their paws.

Not all was so benign though. Neither the gladiator nor the fairy took well to the hat, although one was having stomach problems and the other was hormonal. Up to you to guess which is which!

Then the hat made its way to our hostess' head. Not sure how she went from serving cupcakes to looking like next year's Halloween Horror Nights theme, but I definitely wound up side-stepping the ginormous knife. Let's just say that aside from my usual aversion to humongoid pointy things, "Paranormal Activity" hasn't exactly helped assuage those feelings.

And then I popped it on my own noggin. And oddly enough after all the gamut of weird that it caused on everyone else, it just seemed to fit and make me feel like striking a Peter Pan pose. And I did. So all in all a fun Halloween, although maybe next year we'll steer clear of any hats the randomly show up in the bathroom.


  1. Where could that witch hat be now ;)

  2. OMG..........this is the best post ever. Ok, you got one over me blogwise!