Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Saying Germans are odd is like saying the peanut butter is sticky, it's just understood to be true. Even so, I couldn't be ready for what I saw on a comic website ( yesterday. While in Germany, the writer visited a comic-con. Granted, dressing up to meet artists and scrounge for over-priced toys and yellowing back issues, is left of normal, but I think the Germans have yet again found a way to niche the hell out of even this.

Below are videos taken from something called a "Strawberry Heroes" show where women dress as super heroes & dance around while intermixing songs. For example, the following shows Booster Gold & Aquaman apparently being schooled by Supergirl on bettering themselves. So naturally, the German Girl of Steel busts out into "Popular" from Wicked. To review, superheroes, German, modern Broadway standard. Enjoy.

Now what hero show would be complete without Spider-Man? One that doesn't put him in a sparsely decorated Benny Hill sketch.

After all that fighting and dancing, of course the Justice League would be tired and just ready to beam back up to the satelite right? Wrong, that's the perfect time for a gospel moment. Testify Booster Gold!

Even still, they're not tired, I mean they're German and if Mike Myers taught us anything about Germans while on SNL is that after all is said and done, IT'S TIME TO DANCE!

My only regret is that there aren't more of these clips online or in a continuous narrative. Not that I speak German or anything, but who can resist the evolution of a dance evolution? Here's hoping Bono & The Edge saw this, after all who wouldn't want to see Spidey running around the theatre chasing Mary Jane in lingerie? Oh, a boy can dream can't he?

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