Saturday, November 7, 2009

For The Love of Amanda

To know me is to know of my love of Melrose Place. The sexy, the over-the-top, the explosions. Most of all however, whatI love is the Amanda. So you can imagine how excited I am with her return (Tuesday, November 17 check your local listings!) to the complex she oversaw with her mini-skirted iron fist.

Let me just make this clear, in some weird way the character of Amanda Woodward is the reason I now work in advertising. That alone should probably make me hunt down Heather Locklear & exec producer Darren Starr for revenge, but it's true. She made the industry seem really enticing & let's face it, my only other advertising role models were a man whose witch wife did everything for him & Angela Bower with her big hair and shoulder pads (love you Judith Light!). So of course Amanda had that right blend of humor & blood lust that I would gravitate towars. Although it wasn't easy, let's review shall we?

She bought a building out of love & spite. She clawed her way up the ranks of apparently the only agency in LA based on the amount of new pitches they'd handle on a weekly basis. Not only did she consistently berate (Allison totally deserved it for existing) & sleep with her colleagues without once incurring the wrath of HR, but when the company president died, she just moved one step to the left to assume her rightful place at the top. Oh yeah & did I mention surviving cancer, destruction of her investment (does All State cover homicidal redheads?), & more black mailing than practically anyone on an 80's prime time soap. All that & she always managed to look good with an active sex life. Who wouldn't idolize her?

As November 17 draws near I think I'll take a new approach in my career and ask myself "What Would Amanda Do?" Oh sure, it might mean running from the mob or being put on trial, but 20 years later everyone will still remember me right? Now if you'll excuse me I have to figure out which of my co-workers to insult into alcoholism.


  1. Didn't we used to call each other Michael & Amanda at one point? :)

  2. OMG...I totally forgot about that...awww...I heart you!!!

  3. " my office now!" Although....well not in that way, I just would want to kick your ass!

  4. not only did you misspell my name, but you have a grammatical error by placing just in front of you!

  5. there's that wit that you claim makes your blog more entertaining than mine. now strenghten your argument by saying "whatever," i'll wait.