Friday, February 26, 2010

Karma Always Comes Back...So Give Out Good One

One of the most commonly held beliefs is what goes around comes around. Sadly, most people hear this & focus on the fact that if you give bad, you get bad back. Or that anyone being a bad person gets their comeuppance. However, what most people leave out is that if you put good out into the world, eventually it does come back.

Recently the top level of the parking garage at my job's office building has been having work done at night. To wit they've been posting signs about cars being towed if not moved before 6:30pm. Given that an average day at work for me means getting out fairly after 6:30pm, I admit these past 2 nights I've been lucky as I would get out and my car was still there.

Tonight was different.

Opening the stairwell door I notice the entire left side of the parking area devoid of cars. Most notable is the fact that my car is now missing. A quick ask of the work crew directs me to ask the driver of the tow truck who's just down one level. Making my way down, the truck was coming back to the 3rd level. I then asked the driver about my car and he very nicely informed me that it was now parked on level 2.

Shaking my head in disbelief as if to get the clearly wrong information out of my ears, I asked again only to get the same answer. I thanked him & made my way down to the 2nd level whereby I passed a very nice lady conversing with a gentleman. She then informed me that she noticed the guy loading the car onto the truck & proceeded to convince him about how horrible it would be to do something like this to a person working late on a Friday night.

All my life I try to do good by others, be nice to people & never wish ill on anyone (well not really anyway), just because I think it's important to always give out good energy to the universe. Well, today I like to think that energy came back to me in form of a complete stranger. More than anything it's just refreshing that in a world where we only tend to hear about horrible depravity and assorted bad news, there are still good people willing to do good things for others.

Moral of the story, the universe is a crazy thing so why not give out some positive energy? If nothing else maybe it'll feed a parallel universe somewhere.

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  1. oh that was nice that you didn't have to go to a bad niehgborhood (which may be near your house... lmao) to pick it up. bc for some reason they always take towed cars to the absolute worse nieghborhoods in town.