Friday, January 1, 2010

Hi There 2010, Barely Saw You Come In There

I realize that I haven't quite finished my "best of 2009" series of posts but I didn't feel like thinking about that and yet I really wanted to start the year with a new post. Nothing ritualistic, just kind felt that I should start the year with my ramblings or at the very least my goals for the following an extent.

To start with, this week saw me returning to the gym. Having weighed myself on Monday I was surprised to only be at 215 lbs, which at my 5'10" is really not that bad. Granted, my protruding tummy would say otherwise. Funny how as we age our hairline recedes as our waistline expands, huh? Having gone to the gym twice this week with two other days spent moving furniture thanks to my sister's move, I've done a total of 4 days workout so far with Saturday and Sunday looking to have their share of my sweat as well. This year I will be looking like my cute self again darn it.

With that said, one of the biggest blocks to my going to the gym last year was my job. Putting in over 40 hours a week on the job is sometimes necessary, but I will find a better way to balance that and my health this year. Let's face it, working all hours of the day isn't good for you if your body is in no shape to take more than 5 hours of it a day, right? So this year, while I will be focusing on my career as I have in the past, it will be in a more balanced form. Hopefully this will make me feel more rested than I have been feeling in the last 2 months or so.

As for rest, one of the goals for this year is to begin that arduous task of saving toward a house. Don't get me wrong, I love the current House of El but I'm a house person and truthfully we just have too much stuff and potential for stuff to stay in a one bedroom apartment. Combine that with the fact that associations can drive anyone mad and my sister just bought a 3 bed / 2 bath for less than what we even paid for our first property a good 5 years ago and well I'm sure you can see the tempation to expand the dwelling.

There you have it, in 3 paragraphs I've set up what I most look forward to achieving in the coming year. Now that I've put it on the digital equivalent of paper, it almost makes it all the more real. Ever the optimist though, I look forward to using my blog to inform you that I've been able to move forward on each of those points. After all, I've got 364 days to do it.

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