Sunday, September 22, 2013


So it's officially been a week since I started my new life on the northern east coast and gotta say things are definitely looking positive.

Not only have I been walking to work each day (about 15 minutes each way), but I've started working out again. Luckily the building I'm currently living in has a gym. On the smaller side of my usual LA Fitness, but it's got free weights and a few machines, all I need to try & shed the pounds that my extensive walking might not eliminate.

Work is going well so far true. Granted, it's only been 5 days and if things go horribly wrong in that time, well you should probably fear for the rest! With that said, my accounts are doing some interesting executions throughout the year which will certainly continue to help me grow in my career. Best of all is they appear to want to extend their presence beyond just spots & dots...always a welcome approach in my experience.

I've also started looking at apartments. Very early looks to be honest but in this time I've seen 2 studios and frankly one of them would be much better served being referred to as a slightly larger walk-in closet. And I'm not entirely sure it's not an insult to walk-in closets.

All in all, a very positive start to my time in NY. Not sure what week 2 will bring, but definitely looks to be full of more apt viewings.

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