Monday, September 30, 2013


So as some may know I now have an apartment in New York, or rather Queens.

The funny thing is that everybody up here has had the same reaction of surprise when I tell them I found a place. It's always a variation of "you ALREADY found a place?!"

Apparently in this city it takes forever to find a place to live. A fact to which I can attest. It seems like just about every time I found a place I liked it was taken before I could even finish hitting send on the email inquiry. Then the ones that were available were either a bit more than I cared to spend on a place or the size of port-a-potty.

Even better is the fact that I was able to find it without having to pay a fee. That's right ladies & gentlemen, up here the person who rents the apartment usually winds up paying the broker/realtor anywhere from 10%-15% of the full year's rent. Some brokers are willing to just charge you one month's rent, but of course that's in addition to the first, last & security deposit.

However, true to my never ending quest to get the most for less I would dedicate at least an hour each night looking for apartments listed as "no fee." To which I found a link to a company that owns several buildings throughout Queens & Brooklyn.

Best of all?

All they asked for was 1st month and security deposit. Done deal.

So now I start the next journey in my NYC adventure. With a little help from my friends, and IKEA, I know I'm gonna have a great place in no time.


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