Monday, September 3, 2012

Your Brand, Your Self...A Theory To Explore

Working in the communications industry, I feel there are times I see things a little different in the world. 

You start noticing the coffee on your favorite sitcom no longer has tape over the logo, but rather now proudly displays itself as Pilon. 

From the start of the fall TV season,  the American Idol judges appear to hydrate solely with branded  Coca-Cola glasses, even when they're not really thirsty.

And when watching Contagion you're the only one who notices Jude Law's character prattling on and on about unique site visitors for no apparent reason at the start of the movie.

The eye just becomes trained to see things, or maybe start looking for them, on another level. An extension of which becomes how you start viewing people. It's that perspective that I'm planning to explore in the coming weeks with a theory I've been contemplating for a bit now.

Each and every one of us is a brand and we need to apply the same rules they do to ourselves.

That's not to say you should start looking for sponsorships or celebrity endorsements, although let's be honest I'm sure you can find one of the Kardashians to do either. However, like the biggest global brands, to truly be successful you must understand what your brand's values, how to appeal to the right demo and how to adapt in a constantly changing environment.

I'm not claiming to be an expert, more like an advertising nut with too much time on his hands and a crazy idea he's been applying to his life as of late. But with the next couple of entries maybe I can provide a perspective that may not have seemed obvious at first, but will maybe become clearer and clearer each week.

And hey, if they made a sitcom from a twitter feed no reason this can't be later revamped into a nice, self-help type best seller, right? After all, the first step in creating a successful brand is to believe in what you're offering and thinking big. :-)

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