Friday, October 9, 2009

And The Winner Is....

So I know it's been just about over a week or so since I announced the deadline for my caption contest and I've been getting lots of inquiries as to who is the winner. First off I want to apologize to those who tried posting but for whatever reason couldn't post. However, the truth is that after viewing all the entries it was very difficult to declare a winner. There was creativity and humor all over the place and I want to thank everyone. But alas I have to declare someone the winner right?

Some of you know that I'm currently in NYC for the Kylie Minogue concert on Sunday. But what you don't know is that I'm also here because choosing a winner was so hard that I needed to enlist the help of some special judges who just so happen to be in NY for the concert as well. Without further ado I present the judges for our first ever TheIsh79 blog contest.

You know him from Project Runway, top American designer Michael Kors.

MK: Hi guys.

Currently unemployed former American Idol judge, Paula Abdul.

PA: Hi, I just want to say that all your captions have beautiful souls that could light up a room and generate the power for terminally ill wings at hospitals.

And extra special judge, leader of that evil organization bent on world domination, Cobra Commander.

CC: Helloooooo guyssssssssssssss.......

Thank you 3 for joining me on my blog to get this contest judged. So let's begin. Now there were several of your entries that just made me laugh out loud and some of you even appealed to my ego, which totally works. But in the end we had to whittle it down to 3 finalists. Based on the level of creativity and random pop culture type references, they are Julisa, Omar & Yvette and Inneabelle. So judges, let's start in the order they posted, first with Julisa.

MK: Her comment was just so trashy. I mean the costumes she referenced were cheap, the material non-existent. It's like a drag queen or something.

Umm, Michael, there are drag queens in the video and you haven't even mentioned the quote. Paula?

PA: Videos on youtube are great for comments, because they have a section for comments so we should leave comments because they let people know how we feel.

Oooook....Cobra Commander?

CC: Where issssssss the blue in the comment? It's just not evil enough. Perhaps that's because Julisa is plotting against me! RETREAT!!!!!

Well, in my opinion she totally gets points for referencing an obscure movie down to the exact minute where the similarity shows. Frankly, for that alone she has more than earned her place in the Top 3. Now on to Omar & Yvette's comment.

MK: Was this a team challenge? It's almost like they can't work without each other. Dependency on pre-made things is never going to get you far in this industry.

You are aware they're not being judged on designs right?

MK: Huh, what?


PA: The power of a team is better than that of being alone. Nobody should ever be alone. It's like Ricky Martin sang with Christina Aguilera. And now, she knows how to work with people with all her duos and co-writing with Linda Perry. I mean, really what is going on?

Clearly, nothing in your head. Although every fiber in my being says I'll regret it, Cobra Commander your take?

CC: It'sssssss that blassssssted GI Joe, alwaysssssss ruining my plansssss. Baronessssssss! Desssssstro!!!!

I'm beginning to think I could have saved on some airfare. Regarding the entry, you need to go see the pic she posted. Aside from finding the Pair of Nuts comedy duo to be hilarious the pic is just dead-on. Unfortunately, as my sister and brother-in-law, they're ineligible for the prize. That leaves me with only one entry left and God help me I'm going to ask for more insight from the judges.

MK: Would an alien really mate with Gollum? I mean it's always the same thing, creatures with creatures, mix it up honey. Take us somewhere else than Middle Earth or St. Tropez for a change.

....sigh, Paula.

PA: The absolute best thing to put on bread is jam but only straberry jam. It's like if Michael Jackson's song JAM was a jam, I don't think it'd be strawberry. It seems more like a spring blend of honey and mint. Delicious, just delicious.

Just, just go for it.

CC: Perhapssssss I'll recruit thissssss Gollum for our evil forcesssss....yesss, yessss...COBRAAAAA!!!!!

For the love of...ok, the hell with you crazies. Seriously, 2 of you are like walking catch phrases and I'm not entirely sure the other one isn't a cardboard cut-out with a voicebox. By sheer length and managing to mix Alf, Lord of the Rings and the Estefans I just have to award the prize of my first ever blog contest to Inneabelle. The creativity and out of left field story that she submitted is just the pinnacle of the bizarre ass-ness of the minds of those reading my blogs. As out there as I may post things, I can always count on you guys to provide commentary that matches it word for word.

Thank you for all your comments, views, and signing up as followers. I write because I feel the need but to know it's being read just makes it all better. Now, if you'll excuse me I have to make sure 3 judges accidentally fall on the 3rd rail.


  1. kanye west steps in "Hey Inneabelle, I'm really happy for you, but john had one of the best caption of all time."

  2. I should have won, and you should have given me the $15.00 gift card just because its me!!! With that said I am sure that who ever wins, deserves it!