Saturday, August 29, 2009

Picking Up Where MySpace Left Off...

So the other day I was sitting at work as I'm wont to do for what feels like approximately 30 hours a day or so at times when I started mentioning to my delightful co-worker how I was feeling the jones to start writing again. She then suggested I start a blog, or rather continue one since I used to write pretty often on MySpace.

Which brings us to the here and now of it all. Much like, well at this point, everyone in the universe I've decided to cop a squat on my own lil' blog area. It's not going to change any minds, start any trends or create any degree of an uproar, but it just felt like time for me to put my unique perspective down on digi-paper. Particularly since Facebook is just all kinds of user un-friendly when it comes to things like posting blogs. Seriously, I'm still not 100% sure why we all decided to jump the MySpace ship so quickly in favor of the Facebook rocket. It's just too uniform really, I mean blue and white are nice colors and all but what if I wanna put a background of Sandy Duncan dressed as a milkmaid skiing down the Alps with Gorbachev? Depriving anyone's followers of that is just plain wrong bordering on sadistic if you think about it.

And as if some bizarre self-propelled carousel, that brings us back to this blog. No promises as to this being an actually entertaining blog, not that I'm un-entertaining there's pretty much a small island of people who'd attest to the opposite. Sometimes I'll be entertaining, other times funny, hell I may even be insightful, but I don't recommend holding your breath on that one since aside from having a cool name that could easily stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Confucious and Plato, I'm way more apt to just make an observation about how all the female leads in Jesscia Simpson's "Private Affair" video end in the letter 'A' than I am to make some sort of world shattering pronouncement. Unless...that whole 'A' thing is part of a larger plan....hmmm

Basically, I'm saying thanks for reading this and I promise to make this cyber verbal road trip as fun as possible.

But I totally control the music selection, ok?

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  1. Welcome to the blog-o-verse, Ishmael! I've added you to my "Bands and Writing" blogroll on my own blog: (scroll down, on the right side)